A1 level

A1- beginner Level Course

This course is for beginners who do not have prior knowledge of German language. In this course you learn BASICS: ABCD, Introduction, counting, clock timings, Pronunciations, Grammar rules, simple sentence structures. Around 2000-3000 basic words. Also, you start a little bit speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension. After you have completed the level you can easily introduce yourself and can take others introduction.

Course Highlights

  • Qualified and experienced GermanTeachers provide step-by-step learning
  • Developing listening and conversation skills
  • Preparing students for Goethe Zertifikat at the A1 level.
  • Assignments at the end of every session to gauge student comprehension
  • Preparing travelers to survive in a German-speaking country with expressions to convey basic necessities.
  • Enabling students to pursue further levels, well equipped with the basics.

Course Duration

Weekdays: 2 months, 5 days a week

Weekend: 3 months (2hrs on Saturday and Sunday)

Books For A1 Level

Reference Books : Netzwerk a1, Mit Erfolg zu Start Deutsch 1

Others : Notes and Worksheets will be provided in the classrooms, which enables one to learn German language more efficiently.

Fees : 15000 /-