A2 level

A2 Level

Stepping up from A1, the A2 Elementary Level German course develops vocabulary, expression, and sentence structuring further. This session includes vocabulary like personal and family information, shopping, local geography, and employment, enabling students to thrive in conversations with peers, teachers and native speakers.
While A2 is still classed as a beginner level, it kicks things up a notch with interesting conversations, discussions, and debates. Students at this level have a good handle on the present and future tenses, sentence formation, question structuring and more complex sentences in the present and future tenses.

Course Highlights

Assigmnets at the end of every session to gauge the student’s grasp of the language. Qualified and Experience German Teacher navigate the more complex elements and the structures of the language. Listening, writing, reading and speaking skills are honed in this level. Preparing students for goethe Zerifikant at the A2 level.

Course Duration

Weekdays: 2 months, 5 days a week

Weekend: 3 months (2hrs on Saturday and Sunday)

Books For A2 Level

Reference Books : Netzwerk A1, Mit Erfolg zu Start Deutsch A2

Others : Notes and Worksheets will be provided in the classrooms, which enables one to learn German language more efficiently.

Fees : 15000 /-