level b1 Practice sheet

B1 Level

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is for beginners who do not have prior knowledge of German language. In this course you learn BASICS: ABCD, Introduction, counting, clock timings, Pronunciations, Grammar rules, simple sentence structures. Around 2000-3000 basic words. Also, you start a little bit speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension. After you have completed the level you can easily introduce yourself and can take others introduction.

B1 trims rough edges to give your language sophistication and finesse. This course aims to develop expressions further, to structure sentences more intuitively and help learners comprehend and create authentic content. While still at the intermediate level, B1 equips learners to express themselves confidently and hold interesting, flowing conversations with peers and tutors.

 COURSE DETAILS This course delves further into the subjunctive – an important tense in German that deals with the expression of opinions, ideas, wishes and expectations. The course is aimed at producing authentic content incorporating typical idioms, structuring and vocabulary. Students are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions closely mirroring native language.

Course Highlights

  • Assignments at the end of every session to ensure students are performing at an intermediate level.
  • Qualified & experienced German Teachers guide learners through the tricky yet interesting past tense and simulate real conversations with students.
  • More complex and mature conversations to appreciate various tenses and structuring of the language.
  • Students are expected to converse fluently and understand accents, pronunciation and content during listening activities.
  • Preparing students for Goethe Zertifikat at the A2 level.

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