A1- beginner Level Course

This course is for beginners who do not have prior knowledge of German language. In this course you learn BASICS: ABCD, Introduction, counting, clock timings, Pronunciations, Grammar rules, simple sentence structures. Around 2000-3000 basic words. Also, you start a little bit speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension. After you have completed the level you can easily introduce yourself and can take others introduction.

A2 Level

Stepping up from A1, the A2 Elementary Level German course develops vocabulary, expression, and sentence structuring further. This session includes vocabulary like personal and family information, shopping, local geography, and employment, enabling students to thrive in conversations with peers, teachers and native speakers.

B1 Level

COURSE DESCRIPTION If you’ve made it this far – congratulations and keep going! The intermediate course B1 aims to develop your skills further with more challenging assignments, content, and expression- you have delved deep into the world of German and exciting new elements of the language await you! The course navigates the tricky past tense and makes its way to the subjunctive – expressing opinions and ideas.

B2.1 Level

B2.1 aims at developing proficiency in Spoken German. At this stage, the student is fully equipped to handle conversations in various tenses, comprehend and respond to complex and detailed text as well as clearly elucidate ideas and opinions in written as well as spoken forms. Students have the linguistic ability to manage day to day situations in normal communicative circumstances

B2.2 Level

B2.2 is the stepping stone to Advanced German. This course offers learners an insight into the literature and history of German speaking countries. Grammar, sentences and complex phrasing is expressed through cultural elements for critical review and appreciation of various tenets of the language.